In the Order

Places and functions

2016-present Guardian in Katowice-Panewniki, Poland
2013-2015 Assistant General of the General Chapter OFM, Assisi, Italy
2011-2012 Secretary of the Chapter of the Mats of Friars “Under 10”, Guadalajara, Mexico
2010-2015 Member of the Commission „Fidelity and Perseverance”, Rome, Italy
2009-2015 Vice Secretary General for Formation and Studies in the General Curia OFM, Rome, Italy
2009 Participant in the Extraordinary Chapter of the Mats, Assisi, Italy
2006-2009 Secretary of the North Slavic Conference OFM
2005-present Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure Franciscan Seminary, Katowice-Panewniki, Poland
2004-2009 Director of vocations in the Province of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Poland
2004-2009 Director of the Franciscan Youth-Vocational Center “Three Companions”, Chorzów-Klimzowiec, Poland
2004-2009 Guardian in Chorzów-Klimzowiec, Poland
2004-2009 Definitor in the Province of Assumption of BVM in Poland
2003-2004 Vice Director of vocations in Chorzów-Klimzowiec, Poland
2003-2004 Vicar of the friary in Chorzów-Klimzowiec, Poland
2000-2001 Director of vocations in the Province of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary in Poland
2000-2001 Guardian in Pereto-Rocca di Botte, Italy
2000 Expert at the International Meeting for Vocational Directors OFM, Assisi, Italy
1994-1995 Parochial vicar and religious formation teacher, Katowice-Panewniki, Poland