World Youth Day (WYD), Cracow, 26-31 July 2016 – so many transmissions, movies, photos, concerts, speeches, words … exactly, words. The word that transforms, resounds, lasts, brings fruit – but first you have to understand this word. How were almost three million young people, from 187 countries gathered in Cracow at Błonia and on Campus Misericordiae, able to understand Holy Father Francis who spoke Italian? Who interpreted for them? Into what languages? How was the interpreting broadcast?
We invite you to experience World Youth Day from the perspective of a mysterious and elite simultaneous interpreter’s booth. The WYD interpreters themselves talk about who they are, why they were interpreting, who chose them, and why they had the courage to take on this challenge – a unique challenge because live interpreting in the booths is the most difficult cognitive process for the brain. The level of stress registered during such interpretation can be compared to that felt by flight controllers and soldiers on the front line. It is the highest level of all professions.
The interpreters’ stories are written in their native languages and translated into Polish and English.

Olgierda Furmanek
o. Henryk Ślusarczyk SVD

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